My Perfect Equilibrium™

Next-Generation Personal Evolution for Creative Professionals

Imagine waking up and all you feel is peace. There’s no voice in your head saying you’ve already ‘failed’ because you’re not yet working. There’s no fear or anxiety about the project you finished last night because you know it’s some of your greatest work. There’s no thought to self-medicating to help get you through the day, because you have a plan. You’re in complete control.

You’re in Perfect Equilibrium™

Perfect Equilibrium™ is a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s a strategic choice to live in the sweet spot, where we are perfectly positioned to realize our creative potential and achieve greatness. It’s a commitment to address Creative Interference - fear, anxiety, perfectionism, stress, workaholism, loneliness, imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-doubt, and more - so we can become our best self. It’s a promise to align ourselves with Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Strategy - so we can live happy, healthy, connected, and successful lives full of purpose and passion.

My Perfect Equilibrium™ is a private online community for Creative Professionals looking for advanced success and happiness. It's a discreet and safe space to develop cutting-edge techniques that empower you to generate consistent peak performance and life fulfillment.

Mastermind and Focus Groups with Psychologists & Experts ✅

Practical and proven solutions to overcome Creative Interference ✅

Support & Accountability ✅

Exclusive access to 1-1 Coaching, Courses, and Retreats ✅

A discreet online space to develop and thrive ✅

Your Host

Julian Reeve 

Critically acclaimed for his work on the Broadway smash-hit musical Hamilton, Julian has performed to millions around the world as a musician, founded four successful companies in the creative sector, and inspired thousands of people of all ages as a thought leader and coach.

A heart attack at the age of 43 inspired Julian's own personal journey to Perfect Equilibrium™. His extensive research into how we can pursue our absolute best in healthier ways has been presented in a TEDx Talk, Children's Book, and numerous interviews on top 200 podcasts and ABC, NBC, and CBS television networks.

This isn’t Life Coaching. This isn’t Therapy.

This is Next-Generation Personal Evolution!

Gold Membership to My Perfect Equilibrium™ is FREE for the first month, and $5.99 USD per month or $63.99 USD per year (single payment) thereafter.


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